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Digital Commerce Tech

Commerce Websites: Desktop/Responsive & Mobile Apps

Cloud Labs websites deliver among the best user experiences in the business, leading to better results for our clients. A better experience sells more.

Inventory Marketing

Control to organise and analyse Online stock. Cloud Labs Inventory Marketing is an integrated tool designed to easily update products, ensure your products are accurately and consistently marketed, and track it all from one place. It is compatible with any Accounting systems such as Xero, and brings data to life through user-friendly management, pricing, marketing, and analytics features. Your inventory and images, from any source, on your site and to any classified website within minutes. Greater stock movement resulting in greater margins.

Digital Marketing & Social Marketing

Stop struggling with fragmented technologies. Cloud Labs combines the most successful digital marketing essentials into powerful solutions that get better results and reduce costs. Easily and cost-effectively market your products. We support standard companies, groups and franchises digital marketing to consumers by creating and managing cohesive marketing campaigns, including Email Marketing (eDMs), Organic Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, Promotions and Campaigns, and Video Production.

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