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Make your Website optimised for Google Organic Search Keywords

No matter what type of business you’re in, your website acts as a representation of your company, your calling card, and in some cases, even the very place that brings you income. This means that a website went from “good to have” to “must have” for many businesses out there.

Unfortunately, this also means that there were a ton of really poor websites made in recent years. Apparently, any website is better than no website. As a result, companies have sites that a) look good but are not organised well b) can’t be found easily via Organic Search.

E-Commerce sites are your money sites, so they need to operate very well – which means they need to be found easily.

What should you do then? Build or Revamp your website with Website Services from Cloud Labs

Website Design is not just UX, Text and images

If you’re wondering whether you should invest time and money into a website with Cloud Labs, here are some questions to answer beforehand.

Do you get enough visits to your website?

Do you attract enough organic traffic through SEO efforts?

Are you satisfied with your conversion rates?

Do you have low cart abandonment rates?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, you need to revamp or rebuild your website to make the most out of it. Once you figure out your exact pain point where you lose potential customers, you can pick an optimisation tactic that works best for solving it efficiently.

If you’ve never looked into building your website before, the chances are that you will have quite a lot of ground to cover. Don’t be fooled by glitz and glamour alone ( sure it needs to look good ), but the underlying site layout, blog strategy and metadata have a big impact on whether your site is easy to find.

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Our experience with Search and Social Marketing included in our Websites

How to get Started with a website build with Cloud Labs:

1. Using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, determine where you are at the moment. The number of visits, the number of conversions, session length and more. Once you know exactly how you’re performing, you’ll know what to do next.

2. Set a strategy and define your target market

3. Design the site layout around keywords

4. Agree the site look/feel and UX.

5. Measure and analyse

Then, we deploy our Website optimisation tools

While there are some things (such as changing copy) that can be done without using specialised tools for optimisation, for any serious work, you’ll need a tool built specifically for the job. Here are a few that are easy to learn and not so expensive to start with.

Google Analytics, Email Capture forms, Page Caching, Content Accelerators to name a few.

Remember: once you website is working well, then the apps that run your business can be integrated to make your business easy to run – even when your business volume increases.

Imagine the competitive advantage you will have over your competitors !

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