WCAG Testing

Accessibility is important for websites of Government and Corporations. Cloud LabsĀ  provide WCAG 2.1 testing services for websites. We are unique is how we do it, because we are website and e-commerce experts, so our input is more focussed at best practice – information that is usable by your project teams.
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Accessibility is now a positive. Join in..

W3C has kept the WCAG specification current and updated. We can join your team to help you with automated and manual website testing.

WCAG compliance helps you

WCAG provide constructive WCAG testing and reporting that is constructive and will help your business.

WCAG is part of your UX program

Our testing and reporting allows you to make Accessibility via WCAG certification be part of your UX program. This is the natural fit, not as a bolt-on. We focus on WCAG testing so it becomes an asset – not just compliance for compliance enforcement.

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