Neto Ecommerce – a good option

E-Commerce Platforms are very common nowadays. You have on-premises or self server options such WordPress/WooCommerce and Magento. You also have hosted options like Shopify, BigCommerce and also Neto. This article will discuss the Neto option.

The WordPress Phenomena

WordPress is proven to be the most popular website CMS ( content management platform ) on the internet. This is due to the fact that is became the CMS taught to web designers during their course study, and it has excellent 3rd party plugin support. You cant go wrong with WordPress, as it is very SEO friendly, and the E-Commerce plugins it has are very capable. Its not popular with serious and big e-commerce sites – why ? Security can be difficult. Risk adverse corporate IT folks like something bigger and better and more secure out of the box. Enter Magento2.

Magento 2 – now an Adobe Product

Magento 2 is a fast growing E-Commerce CMS. With Adobe behind it, its being marketed a lot better, and the Adobe companion product marketing machine makes it attractive ( Adobe needed a better web /ecommerce CMS ). Magento 2 is a serious piece of software, that is very enterprise grade, but still runs well on medium spec web servers. Magento needs to be “optimised” to make it run very fast ( Google Pagespeed is the benchmark ). There is a growing niche business doing Magento site optimisation, which we at Cloud-Labs offer. You cant just throw hardware at these systems anymore to make them faster – you need to get good themes and content accelerators a plenty working together with website optimisation services.

Neto – the Hosted Alternative

cloud-labs neto

Neto is very familiar to Cloud-Labs, as we have been administering Neto E-Commerce systems for over 5 years now for our clients. Neto is more functional out-of-the-box than its more direct competitors, such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Its organic capabilities are solid, and the product is improving daily. Neto has not been marketed very well in the past, but since Telstra became involved several years ago, its been getting much better. To get the best from Neto, you need to use the breadth of the product and optimise its website. Neto is getting better themes and website design support from the industry, and its very good with SEO performance as well.

If your Neto system is difficult to manage, or your Neto admin left the company and you need a replacement resource, contact us at Cloud-Labs as we offer e-commerce management services for products such as Neto. Also before you want to change out Neto for some other platform, we can show you how to get the best of Neto and also we are experts at integrating Neto into your business systems and optimising Neto.

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